Attitude partytude

Hello attitude, hello style,


This beauty is named Carla. She is from Timisoara and studies Arts. You can see this in her style,it is not difficult to guess.

What i love the most about people I write about is that they have a young, original and  free spirit, you can see it in they eyes, the beauty of being young. Clara here can either be childish or be sexy It’s all about the mood she has.

In the end we all dress, as we feel. If we had a bad day probably we wear black or brown clothes; colours are not always an option if we do not feel for them in a perticular day.If it’s cold outside maybe we are not in the mood of being fashion, all that matters is to be courageous and always believe in yourself no matter what.

Be brave, do not wear boring clothes, choose to be different, choose to make people stop and stare for a while. No matter if they like or not your outfit your target has already been achieved by making them stop. In the end they will  walk away considering your style as the reflection of your own personality.

Choose style it goes hand in hand with attitude.

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Credits: Jichici Raul

Ro: Azi va fac cunostinta cu Carla. De ce Carla?

Pentru ca are stil si vine cu atitudine la pachet.  O personalitate puternica are mereu la baza increderea de sine de care Carla da dovada.Studenta la Arte ne spune ca se imbraca in functie de starea emotionala. In zilele mohorate alege culorile inchise, in cele triste poarta culori vesele care o binedispun.

,, Vestimentatia face parte din viata mea”

Tu cum te simti in zilele in care te imbraci bine? Iti spun eu cum ma simt, ma simt increzatoare, ma simt mai frumoasa, ma simt unica.Nu-i asa ca parca ar trebui sa dam mai multa importanta hainelor pe care le alegem dimineata inainte de a iesi din casa?

Tu cum iti alegi hainele? Care sunt criteriile dupa care te ghidezi atunci cand compui un outfit? Dar cand mergi la cumparaturi?

Astept parerile voastre:) si un share daca va place:)










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