The girl with the positive vibe

Look at her, do you feel the vibe?  I saw her coming towards me and I could barely wait for her to get closer. She was like a storm and a rainbow at the same time. Bianca, her name is Bianca the girl with the positive vibe, with the reiki energy know how, the girl you meet and smile ; you see her  and all you want is to  chat, it’s like we know each other since ages. You know they say smile is the sexiest curve of your body, well Bianca has always her smile with her. She is friendly, nice and would always listen and share with you  her good vibe.DSC_1165

She got style, she got class. She ‘s that kind of girl no matter  you see early in the morning or late in the night she looks perfect. She knows how to wear a pair of jeans and sport shoes or get the french look in a little black dress. She has the right attitude.

I mean look at her, you can feel her confidence even from distance. One of the awesome people i want you to meet:)

These days we will prepare you a surprise.

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  1. sorry,in my opinion it’s just fake,i don’t like her style, she is a pretended face, all she wants it’s just money, it’s a materialist girl who pretend is spiritual, and it’s very evil belive me, no rainbow girl

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