Being normal is boring, choose to be a celebrity for Halloween

Hey, hey,

Wohoo next party I’ll attend is Halloween party. All set, I know who will help me with my hair, I know who will do my make up but I do not what to wear. What shall I use as costume 😀

Who was your favorite cartoon when you were a kid? Mine was Wednesday Adams and it is so easy to get the look.

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Dress Link here & Shoes Link here



If I  had long hair  it would have been much easier but as I have chosen pixie this summer I must deal with what I have.  Anyway, I have made a list and try to keep it  as simple as possible . If you  have not decided what to wear I hope my wishlist can help you with some ideas that will  make you look ravishing.

As a jazz period lover a  dress in which you will look like acting in Great Gatsby would be an option.

So flapper dress is one of my options. Link to dress




Here you can find all items you need and there is still plenty of time to order them.

What about a skeleton make up and dress. I am sure you will rock. Dress here & here1444721187989017847


Characters: Skeleton bride wraps arms around groom. Spooky Halloween wedding.
Characters: Skeleton bride wraps arms around groom. Spooky Halloween wedding.

Is there a girl who does not want to dress at least once in her lifetime with a white dress as the one Marilyn Monroe had?

Dress here




What about Kate Middleton and modern princess  outfit?1429094940655580306

You like Yoko Ono dress up like her with the items below.Hat_1381941009_crop_550x760

Click to find  Jacket

Find shoes here

Hat at a click away

Get the Glasses

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Pocahontas Dress here:


tumblr_m6vp7xBPJP1ragtwvo1_500Audrey Hepburn dress     accessories   purse

1445068648882539470 1425016931055348410 1442471610296290760 Annex - Hepburn, Audrey (Breakfast at Tiffany's)_14Featured picture


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